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Default Re: The Christian Homeschooling Guide to GEOGRAPHY - 06-29-2014, 02:34 PM

Originally Posted by Jeb Stuart Thurmond View Post
Europe map
I mean, I can't understand your map at all.
I come from Bosnia, and you mark the ex-Yugoslavia area as 'random ethnic groups', however, they are the same one!
Here's a real map of Europe, without any stupid things on it.

Here is a ethnical map:

You can see that you have gone completly wrong on your map, by making stupid mistakes.
Let's take The Netherlands for instance.
You described it as 'pot smokers'.
Yes, marihuana is legal in the Netherlands, but from my knowledge, it's only because of the healing purpouses.
(insert someones rant here)
Next example, Nazi's aka Germany.
Ok, this one made me choke for a bit, because Germany, since the re-unification in 1990, has a complete democratic system!
Next example, Mexicans (Portugal), and more Mexicans (Spain).
You can't be serious right?
Spain colonized the Mexican territory in the early 15th Century, and they made their ethnic society there the leading.
Portugal colonised not Mexico, but Brazil! So you cant really say that they are Mexicans too.
That's enough examples for now and please no rant after this post.
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