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Godly Politics Republican, Libertarian, Constitution Party, Christian Restoration Party welcome. No liberals or Demonrats allowed.

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Default FREEDOM FILES: The Orange Menance gets it come upance - 03-12-2011, 09:12 PM

Three bold patriots have taking the war to The Beast itself; Daily Kos. These REAL American heroes stood in the midst of Lady Liberity's WORST enemies and told them how it is.


Liberal filth is whoring up Lady Liberty!

MarKKKos MouGAYsas and his Holy Trinity of Satanic Liberalism (Barry HUSSEIN 0bama, Nancy Peelosi, and Harry Balls Reid) are sending this great nation UNDER GOD into the evil asshole of Satan. The radical homo agenda must be stopped at all costs, and the REAL Americans voted on the side of GOD in 2010 and will do the same in 2012 when Ameica gets the White House Back from the Great Whore of Babylon, 0bomba.

You libs make me SICK. This great country was founded on what the Founders believed in: one conservative, holy nation UNDER GOD. They thought nothing of dick-lovers like you, you fag MARKOS! Jesus said that God supports those who work hard, ie The RICH. Why would you tax them? They give us jobs!!!

Or do you cellar-dwelling, free-loading, REgressive, homo, dick loving, fag liberalss not UNDERSTAND what this country was founded on: GOD. Nothing about welfare or homos! It's the damn LIBERAL INDOCTRINATION that the unionized socialist TEACHERS "teaching" our youth about a literally perverted, dick-loving commie false liberal paradise, or AmeriKKKa.

Go suck 0bama's big, black penis, you fag. I'm sure Michelle would like your piffleing tongue workout on his cock while his liberal cum trickles down your face. Way to ruin this country, KKKos...
Godly point nameless patriots; were in the Constitution does Jesus talk about PUBLIC school teachers?
dislike mail for your panting lapdog

WTF would I in New York be doing trying to swing politics in Wisconsin?


That sound like proper Representative Democracy to you?

Where people in California make a fine living out of gathering money from across the nation to try to sway local politics in Wisconsin to their liking?

What kind of scumbag technique is that?

Tell kos and his $5,000 bicycle he can blow it out his ass.

And I guess you know where that leaves his lackeys.

Corrupted Spammers.
When to Kotch brothers give millions to a political candidates that support the ideas they like - that is the act of a public minded citizen

When some bicycle ridden faggot sends money to out of state candidates - that is meddling in other people's affairs. Let the hippies get their own multi-national corporation if they want to be a public spirited citizen.
Stupid faggot

Riddle me this, you retarded America-hating hippie fag: If Obama is so awesome as you say then why is he so unpopular? Maybe bacause he has enslaved americans to governemnt-run-heathcare that might as well have been invented in Soviet union? Or because he has destroyed our future by creating a national debt of 14 trillion? Do you even jnow how much a trillion is? Probably not because you went to a unionized public school where you were taught only about how great communism is and how evil private business is? heres a tip: A trillion is million million! That times 14 is how much money we owe the chinese and saudis. Thanks a bunch, president Shitbrain! When will Obama stop spending us into the poorhouse?
FACT: The entire national debt happened after Obama raised taxes and killed the Bush National Recovery from the Clinton Depression.
You think massive debt is awesome because you dont know shit about economics or the real world where people have to work for a living instead of getting fat government benefits for notging! Go buy a piffleing calcuator and check your piffleing math you socialist mormon!How many trillions obama has to spend on "Marxist Faggot Studies" and "Diversity Homo Centers" before you pull your head out of your ass and realize that the unelected president/empreor has no clothes? in fact a nazi if not a communist or both. Obama will destroy us and he will laugh all the way to the bank with his millions of union cash from the unions and his private bankers who ruined the country using fannie may and freddie mac! Thanks nazi bankers! Thanks HomObama! Thanks left-wing homo-promoting atheist idiots and their little piffleed up cult called the "democrat party"! You should all bath in some gasoline before you light up your bong!
Obama and his commie pals are destroying this nations economy, just like Russia in 1914.
Heres a promise for you!

Asshole, I would liketo promise you something. From now on I will no longer masturbate while looking at porn. Instead I will only jack off when democrats get their asses kicked! So now I will work 24/7 to make sure you filthy thieving socilist union homosexual scum never again control this country! After gov. Walker DESTROYED your criminal union accomplises I jacked off for two hours. And when Obama ("elected" by dead people and illegal immigrants) gets booted out of office in 2012 I will beat my dick like it owes me money!! Keep on losing LOSERCRATS and keep me cuming!
Giving up sex for hippie punching - that is what America needs NOW

The libRETARD moonbats of Daily Kos have been left speechless.

Bravo to the Kos Four, Bravo!

Time to reclaim our FREEDOM from the “Mullah in Chief” and his growing activist voter hoards of socialists, communists, anti-Semites, anti-Christians, atheists, radical gays and lesbians, feminists, illegal immigrants, Muslims, anti-Anglo whites and others.

Hot Must ReadThreads!

Time to come clean on Benghazi Mr Obama!
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