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Default Re: God Hates Iceland! - 02-16-2010, 11:14 PM

Originally Posted by GOD=life View Post
So you're saying that a person's morality is determined by his financial wealth?

That's pretty strange, because the Bible says the complete opposite.
I was just answering why her parents should be proud of her
She's doing great in her life, doing what she wants. Not many get to do that, more people are lokced up doing something they dont want to. Maybe it's not you're kind of good but why should she care? She dosen't know what happens in the afterlife, but she knows what gose around know! Why prepare you for something you dont 100% know is going to happen? And dont give me some lame ass proof that the bible is real and everything in it is true. It's a bit to much for me to base my life on one book, which was writen by men inspired by god. You can't proof they where inspierd by God. I know the bible was written by men who were once alive and is based on how they experienced God, but where is the proof? Anyone can write stuff down it dosen't make it true. I think the bible should be looked in a psychological way, it's kind of like the first sociological book
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